People were let go.

It’s all love. They desire to remain the same in this particular moment.

The Universe says it’s your time. You’re no longer allowed to do that.

Negative habits were kicked. Some still have to be kicked. That’s still a positive progression.

Growth became prioritized. It’s still in motion. Another sign of positive progression.

Self-analysis has entered. You’re no longer afraid to look in the mirror. You’re finding the beauty in your unique design.

In other words, you’ve learned. Currently, learning in motion as you go.

You’ve loved. You love. You’re loving.

You’ve been a blessing to many. You’re continuing to do so.

You’re overstanding on the lesson that those in the past could not make it into your present. You’re vibrating higher and higher.

You’re such a magnificent being. The thorns (the previous pains) leading up to your blooming rose (your growth, your success) are as beautiful as the garden (the essence of you) itself.

Never forget this.


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