I just had a random thought like I wonder if a tiger would really drink soda…well anyhow…

Tiger Cola consists of Tiger’s Eye and Sodalite. Now let me explain :

Tiger’s Eye is regarded as one of the most powerful stones in existence. In Ancient times, it was used as a talisman against negative curses and ill will. It’s able to activate the Third Eye chakra, keeping you grounded in the process as you discover your purpose in life. Tiger’s Eye is really helpful to those who have trouble with the ”scatter-brained” state of mind. It will provide clarity in terms of what you really want as opposed to what you really need. If you happen to find yourself within a conflict, whether mental or physical, Tiger’s Eye will work to resolve the problem. It is essential with boosting self-worth as it will provide the information for you to recognize and embrace your talents. Tiger’s Eye is a supporter that will you overcome any obstacle as you work to manifest your dreams.

Sodalite is known as the Stone of Truth. This powerful stone opens your sense of spiritual perception which provides the bridge between the higher mind and the physical self. It deepens meditations and it’s used as a tool to understand the knowledge that is being processed. Sodalite clears mental fog and releases the chains that are imposed within the mind. It’s a balancer that will calm anxiety and alleviate depression. One of the most intriguing facts about Sodalite is that it will transform your feelings about yourself. It will release the old, limiting beliefs of self which hold you back from really setting out to do what you want to do. For those who work in groups, Sodalite brings harmony, clear communication and instills trust into the group.


AFFIRMATION : I am in control of my life and I speak my words with an instilled confidence. Under divine guidance, I am able to discover the infinite possibilities and manifest my desires. I am protected and anything that doesn’t serve a higher purpose will be removed out of my life. 

NOTE : Tiger Cola” comes with a free cleansing kit which includes Palo Santo, White Sage and a Selenite Wand. Each product comes with a free repair within 90 days. Contact for further details.