Eye Of The Tiger




The “Eye Of The Tiger” is a set of protection and prosperity that consists of Lava, Sodalite and a Tiger’s Eye pendulum.

This set will open your spiritual perception by delivering information from the higher realm down to the physical level. It will also eliminate any sense of mental confusion while offering encouragement to you to put new life strategies in place. Basically, this is an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ type of piece.

The Tiger’s Eye pendulum can be placed on top of your third eye (middle of forehead) to cleanse the chakra and raise your Kundalini. The Tiger’s Eye is also great for balancing moods, easing depression and it helps you to recognize and utilize your talents for the greater good.

The combination of Sodalite and Tiger’s Eye increases your concentration by removing unnecessary distractions around you. It’s the perfect tool for those in the workplace as it improves communication, prevents misunderstandings and induces logical thinking. Additionally, it will amplify your levels of self-confidence providing you with the belief of self all the while providing you with peace of mind wherever you are.

This set can be worn for short or long periods of time. Remember, the Tiger’s Eye is a pendulum that can be used in meditation. If you are an advanced spiritualist, it can provide answers for the questions you may have!