Jungle Vibes




“Jungle Vibes” is a ‘Balancing’ and ‘Connecting’ set which contains Lava, Picture Jasper and a Rainforest Agate pendulum.

Picture Jasper is connected to the Earth and it’s energy encourages you to be aware of your environment. Paired with the Lava, this will keep you balanced, feeling stable and always grounded to the Earth’s core. Picture Jasper also deepens meditation and it will allow you to view past lives in order to understand the concept of Karma. It also encourages astral projection, boosts your immune system and heals your skin.

The Rainforest Agate pendulum is perfect for your daily meditation. The combination of this Agate with Picture Jasper + Lava enhances your connection to nature! Rainforest Agate keeps you in the present reminded you to feel empowered in your existence. It helps you remember/recall your purpose while providing energies for you to live in harmony with the rest of your environment. Rainforest Agate also calms emotions and removes depressive feelings.

Concerning meditation, the necklace can be wrapped around your hand with the pendulum hanging down. It can be used to gain insight on questions you need answers to.

As with every other Mossy Motivates set, the “Jungle Vibes” comes with a stick of Palo Santo and a Selenite Wand to keep it cleansed and charged!