Money Magnet


NECKLACE LENGTH : 10 in.; BRACELET : 7.0-7.5 in.



The “Money Magnet” consists of Aventurine and Citrine. Aside from being prosperity/wealth stones, they are both essential to the environment. They block electromagnetic smog as well as radiation from electronics. A stone can be placed next to a computer or cell phone to block the undesired energy. The combination of these stones will teach you how to manifest your desires as it naturally attracts positivity into your life. The “Money Magnet” is also a powerful tool which combats depression, alleviates difficulties with verbalizing thoughts and releases negative traits. If you are ready to receive joy in your life, this is the product for you.

Affirmation : I am worthy of financial abundance. I am filled with positivity. I welcome wealth into my life. My wealth allows me to uplift others and live in my Universal purpose.

This was constructed with love inside of a peaceful environment. It comes with a Palo Santo stick as well as a Selenite Wand. The necklace and bracelet both have been charged, cleansed and can be worn upon receipt!