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POET’S LOGIC is a powerful combination composed of Sodalite and Carnelian!

Sodalite is known as the ”Logic Stone” due to it being a stone that provokes deep thought, enhances your intuition and strengthens organizational skills. Sodalite promotes focus and clear communication, creativity and it’s known to be a talisman for writers. It’s a calming stone that helps you find inner peace while reminding you the importance of being true to yourself. Sodalite is an essential tool in terms of meditation because it triggers a trance-like state where one can receive information without judgement in order to gain an understanding of present circumstances. It can also help recall past experiences, experiences that have to be healed and where you are in terms of completing them.

Carnelian is great for attracting new opportunities, resources as well as overall luck. Carnelian is a mood stabilizer that helps restore lost vitality and motivation. It improves your focus and concentration especially during meditation. It offers protection against bursts of anger and places a focus on living a life of love. This stone connects to the Sacral Chakra, which is the center of gravity within the body. It puts you back in balance in order to go with the flow of life. If you feel as if you’ve been in a place of stagnation, Carnelian activates the courage within you to move forward. This is a stone of happiness, prosperity, love and overall joy.

AFFIRMATION : I bring positive changes into the world by sharing my gifts. I walk with grace and act with powerful intention. My intuition guides me on my journey. I speak the truth from my soul.