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Amazonite is a powerful filter, healer and protector. On a physical level, it can absorb pollution such as cell phone waves while guarding you from the negative effects. On the mental level, Amazonite combines the information passing through your brain with your intuition. Amazonite is also a passionate stone as it opens up your creative side and helps you with your artistic visions and goals. It’s been known as the Stone of Success for centuries as it draws in fortune and luck. Amazonite will help you manifest your goals, encourage you to be bold and radiate your confidence.

Lava Rock is a grounding stone which keeps you calm, brings strength and keeps you connected to the Earth’s energies. Lava cleanses negative thoughts, stimulates creativity and provides you with clear, logical thinking. Lava Beads are also excellent oil diffusers. It’s recommended to be worn directly on the skin and with the bracelets directly on top of the pulse.

The Orgone pendant contains pieces of Abalone shell, copper, resin and Quartz. Orgone works to block harmful energies while balancing your energy. It also brings out your inner psychic power while regenerating damaged areas concerning your chakras. This Orgone in particular has a luminous effect which will ‘glow in the dark’ after it has absorbed light!

NOTE : This set includes everything listed in the picture, including the Black Tourmaline Orgone. ”STARSHIPS” comes with a free cleansing kit which includes Palo Santo, White Sage and a Selenite Wand. Each product comes with a free repair within 90 days. Contact for further details.